Stain Removal

Make Stains and Spills a Thing of the Past

Choose our stain removal service in the Milliken or Johnstown, CO area

You've tried to remove those coffee stains after your breakfast book club, but they're just not coming out. No worries. Just call NOCO Carpet Cleaning LLC. Our carpet stain removal service gets rid of the toughest stains imaginable. That includes coffee, red wine, white wine, dirt and pets messes. After your stain removal service, your carpets will look just like new again.

Ready for spotless carpets? Schedule our carpet stain removal service today in the greater Milliken or Johnstown, CO area.

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Here's how we'll get rid of stains

We've got the solution for almost every stain in the book. That's because I:

  • Usena specialized cleaning solution to penetrate your carpet
  • Saturate your carpeting with the cleaning solution and several extracts
  • Extract dirt, stains, allergens and odors from your carpet fibers

Our stain removal service starts at $50 per stain. If you want your carpets to look great again, call us today at 970-405-3740.